7 Great Reasons Why Kayaking Is An Excellent Way To Share Getting Fit With Family While Experiencing Nature’s Wonders

Do you stand in awe of natures wonders?  Do you like exercising and getting fit while enjoying nature?  Would you love to do all that and include the whole family?  Then you should take up kayaking.

The whole family can join in, kayaking is done at rivers, lakes or the ocean, and it includes paddling, which is considered an exercise.

7 Excellent Reasons to take the whole family kayaking:

  1. Family Involvement: Kayaking is an activity that is very accessible to persons of all ages, adults and children alike.  Spend quality time outdoors with your children and other family members.  Make a few great memories.
  2. Exercising in Fresh Air: Fresh air makes you feel wonderful.  You do not need to race along at high speeds; you can take part in a gentle paddle.  The fresh air and exercise will let you all sleep much better and it will lower your stress levels.  You will become a happier person.
  3. Meet new, interesting people: If you like cheerful people, kayak paddling is the right place to go look for them and find many.  Kayak people are a cheery lot.  It might be because they spend lots of time outside, in nature, with other cheery people.
  4. You will be closer to nature: Waterways usually crawls with wildlife.  You will spot the things that cycling and walking cannot offer you.
  5. It will take you places you have never been before: When you have mastered the basic skills of kayaking, you will be able to practice those skills in a myriad of different places, even canals.  Your options will be endless.
  6. You can paddle any way you like: You can have a quiet gentle paddle, lazing the day away, or your family can race another family for a price.
  7. It is fun: You will never, ever see a grumpy person kayaking.  It might be because it is an activity that you can partake in on your terms.

To start with kayaking does not need a lot of outset costs; most kayaking clubs have equipment that they hire out at reasonable rates.  This is just another, good reason, to start kayaking.

5 Essential Things You Should Remember To Do And Learn To Do Them Well When You Are Paddling In A Kayak

With many things in life, there are skills you have to learn to get by.  With Kayaking this is no different.  However, there are things you should also learn that is not a skill as such, but more a knowledgeable knowing of how to perform activities around the whole kayaking venture.

You should know how to:

  1. Monitor the levels of a river; when you are far away from technology and online flow reports, the only way to know if the river is falling or rising is the stick method. In the sand, right at the waters’ level, plant a straight stick and leave it overnight.  In the morning check if this stick is underwater or high and dry on the land.
  2. Make Coffee the Cowboy way; just bring a pot of water to the boil and add a few handfuls of grounded coffee. Stir the mixture and remove from the heat.  Wait for the grounds to settle in the bottom and decant the brew in a camp cup.  Preferably the cup should be an enamel, camp cup.
  3. Change your clothing at the takeout; normally there is no change rooms were you do your paddling takeouts. For privacy open two car doors which will create a barricade with three walls.  Wrap your towel around your waist and disrobe, discreetly, underneath its cover.  Beforehand, lay out your clothing for a quick grab and change.
  4. Plan your Shuttle Run carefully; there is no one way about doing this, it mostly depends on how many people are going and how much seat space is available. Remember to leave dry clothes in the vehicle that will be at the takeout.  Make sure the car at takeout has enough gas, have a spare tire, and remember to not leave anything you should need, like the car keys, at the put-in.
  5. Set-up your Groover; you should make sure the seat is set on correctly, but, even more important, is to not set up next to someone else’s tent door. You should really think about some privacy when you set up your river toilet.  Making sure you have a great view can be a plus point.

There are many more things you will learn to perform apart from paddling a kayak.  There are loads of activities that need to be performed to make each kayaking event flow smoothly along.

What Type Of Kayaking Courses Are Available That Will Teach The Skills That Is Important Before Attempting To Peddle A Kayak?

Kayaking became a very popular activity where people can enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.  It is, however, something where you should learn basic skills to be able to enjoy it to the fullest.  There are also different types of kayaking, river, sea, and lakes.  For each, you will need a different set of skills.

There are different kayaking courses available that will give you the needed skills training before you attempt to peddle a kayak.  Whether you are just curious and want to get out on the water, or if you have more advanced skills and need to learn more, or practice your skills a bit, there is a program that will fit your needs.

Available Courses to teach you the Skills you will need to peddle your kayak:

  1. Certification Paddle Program, Level 1; is a two-day course for beginners. It will cover all the basics, a bit of information on handling weather conditions, navigation skills, and the skills to use for a day tour.  They provide the kayak, kayak equipment and immersion gear.
  2. Certification Paddle Program, Level 2; building on all the skills learned in Level 1, refining them and then adding some new skills, like paddling in currents and rolling. The day tour will be extended to an overnight trip.  This is the program where the basic skills for peddling in coastal waters will be introduced.
  3. Certification Paddle Program, Level 3; skills that were learned in previous courses will be polished and you will learn to apply it to more types of conditions, like the open sea, etc. The course will include a leadership component if you are going to paddle in a group.  For example, if you should take a day trip as a family.
  4. Certification Paddle Program, Level 4; is designed for the experienced paddlers. You will find all the cool paddling stuff in this course.  It is a group course that brings together paddlers that have different sets of experience, to share their knowledge and skills.  Level 4 is a rewarding and dynamic way to add a few extras to your toolbox.

There are more programs available that can focus on your specific needs and the type of kayaking you have in mind.  But, whatever you might have an idea of doing with your kayak, there will be a customised program for the skills you will need.