Kayaks were created and used thousands of years ago.  The Inuit, Eskimos, used driftwood and the skeleton of a whale to construct a frame, and then used the skin of an animal, especially the skin of seals, to form the body of the boat.  These boats were used for fishing and hunting.

The kayak became increasingly popular from the 1800s onwards.  In 1936, the Berlin Olympic Games introduced kayak races for the first time.  Kayaking is now popular sport, with boats made of fibreglass and polyethylene plastic.

Kayaks are classified by the materials used to make them and by their design.  Each different design has its own specific advantage, for instance, manoeuvrability, performance, stability and also its own paddling style.  Different materials also have their specific advantages that will make it perfect for the purpose it is built for.

The adaptability and range of the kayak make it particularly useful for many other outdoor activities, for instance, fishing, exploration, diving, as well as for search and rescue operations.

The kayak is also very popular in areas where vacationers take day-trips; they can watch dolphins, go on guided tours, explore nature, etc.

And, of course, there are your sportsmen and women, competing in Kayak races.  Every one of these people needs to learn the basics of kayaking before they can undertake any venture.  And that is where our services will be of good help.

We are a Kayak Coaching School that will teach you the basics of kayaking.  We have courses available for people on any level, beginners, everything in between, and then also for the advanced kayakers.

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