Useful Links

Whether you want to learn kayaking for fun with the family, as an excellent form of exercise, or if you need to further develop your skills, we have a training course for you.

Watch these Useful Links to help you decide what type of course you want or need to complete:

The Top 5 tips for Beginners on Learning the Basic Skills:

While watching the video you can decide what type of Kayak training course you need to take to learn the skills you will need for the type of kayaking you are going to explore.  The tips will also help you understand what you need to do to be an efficient, safety conscious paddler.

Getting in your kayak, and getting out of your kayak:

To start kayaking, you need to get in the kayak firstly.  There is a technique to getting in and out of a kayak from a berth or standstill starting position on land.

These tips explain to you how to get back in the kayak when already on the water.

Learn Basic Kayak Paddling Techniques:

This explains and demonstrates the proper technique for paddling a kayak.  A good technique will have you paddling more efficiently and also help you be safer on the water.

Kayaking Golden Rules for Beginners:

Learn the basics before you plan your first kayaking trip.  Learn what you need to know to keep you safe and enjoying your time on the water.

Looking at these links, you can decide where you’re at in the training and basic skill levels.  You can now decide what type of Kayak training course will be to your benefit.

Contact Eddie Poarch at tel. no. 310-267-8855 to help you make a decision on what kayaking course you should enrol.