What Type Of Kayaking Courses Are Available That Will Teach The Skills That Is Important Before Attempting To Peddle A Kayak?

Kayaking became a very popular activity where people can enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.  It is, however, something where you should learn basic skills to be able to enjoy it to the fullest.  There are also different types of kayaking, river, sea, and lakes.  For each, you will need a different set of skills.

There are different kayaking courses available that will give you the needed skills training before you attempt to peddle a kayak.  Whether you are just curious and want to get out on the water, or if you have more advanced skills and need to learn more, or practice your skills a bit, there is a program that will fit your needs.

Available Courses to teach you the Skills you will need to peddle your kayak:

  1. Certification Paddle Program, Level 1; is a two-day course for beginners. It will cover all the basics, a bit of information on handling weather conditions, navigation skills, and the skills to use for a day tour.  They provide the kayak, kayak equipment and immersion gear.
  2. Certification Paddle Program, Level 2; building on all the skills learned in Level 1, refining them and then adding some new skills, like paddling in currents and rolling. The day tour will be extended to an overnight trip.  This is the program where the basic skills for peddling in coastal waters will be introduced.
  3. Certification Paddle Program, Level 3; skills that were learned in previous courses will be polished and you will learn to apply it to more types of conditions, like the open sea, etc. The course will include a leadership component if you are going to paddle in a group.  For example, if you should take a day trip as a family.
  4. Certification Paddle Program, Level 4; is designed for the experienced paddlers. You will find all the cool paddling stuff in this course.  It is a group course that brings together paddlers that have different sets of experience, to share their knowledge and skills.  Level 4 is a rewarding and dynamic way to add a few extras to your toolbox.

There are more programs available that can focus on your specific needs and the type of kayaking you have in mind.  But, whatever you might have an idea of doing with your kayak, there will be a customised program for the skills you will need.

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